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Add Content Step

Each ConcourseCloud site is installed with default artwork and basic content that you can either leave in place or completely replace.

Site Content

Content Area Example.png

The Administrator and Managers of the Main Profile have the ability to modify the site's content. Content that can be modified is indicated with the Edit/Delete links.

Here is example content in which the community manager created two graphics (Latest News and Featured Groups), using a photo editing application, and then placed them into the content area by uploading the images into the content editor.

The community manager then typed in the content, linking to a few interesting groups within the community. In addition, you can upload videos, insert tables, post external links, insert lists and format text.

Welcome Blog


To get the ball rolling, write the first site blog post that explains the site and welcomes users. It could include:

1. The community purpose

2. How to use your profile

3. How to join a group

4. How to join a project

5. Encourage collaboration

6. Spread the word!!

Landing Page

When users visit the site, the default landing page is displayed. The content that appears tells the user that this is a private site.


To change this content, a special Wiki page must be created. Navigate to "About Us" then choose the "Wiki" tab. In the form that appears along the right column, called "Add a Page," type in Unregistered User Message – this starts the content editor. The content editor accepts text, graphics, videos, tables and lists. Using these elements you can put together a message for visitors to the site.

Your next step is to invite users to the system.