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ConcourseCloud has three plans that provide you with small, medium, and large sites.

The small, medium and large descriptions and the number of users they support are somewhat subjective and not meant to be exact, but here is some thinking to help you decide which size is best for you:

Your major concerns are likely to be:

  1. How much room do I have to store pictures, documents or videos?
  2. How much monthly bandwidth am I allowed so my users can upload and download files, or see all the pictures that have been uploaded?
  3. How many users will be logged in simultaneously and doing work on the system?


If you plan to have a site that has lots of files of various kinds, especially large files like videos or dense graphics, you should opt for one of the larger systems.

If you plan to have many users spending time on the system browsing content, you should probably opt for one of the larger systems.

If you plan on a small community that is not particularly file intensive, then you might want to opt for a smaller plan. This might include a traditional project management focussed community, or one that hosts and documents meetings.

Unfortunately, these recommendations are by nature and by necessity, all fairly relative.

Remember, these are approximations!


The good news is that you can reconfigure your site to a larger (or smaller if you haven't used too much disk space) one any time you like. Remember:

  • If you run out of storage space, you will not be able to add content of any kind and your site will stop working.
  • You can check your available disk space at any time in the Admin menu of your site.
  • The system will not stop accepting connections if you use all your bandwidth, but you will be charged for the excess. We alert you by email when you have used 80% of your monthly bandwidth.

Placing the Order

Each customer receives a private and secure application and database instance separate from other customers. This is an important distinction because your site can be scaled up and down, as well as migrated to another platform or service provider if needed.

The provisioning process generally takes about an hour during business hours. This process can take longer after hours or on weekends.

To purchase a plan you can use our Plans & Pricing web page.