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Events Overview

Events Landing Page


What is the Events Page?

The events landing page is the place for all things events. Members of the site can suggest an event and join existing events. Events allow you to share upcoming events and contribute to past events using tools like photos, blogs, reviews, wiki and discussion forums.

What information will I see?

Custom Content
The site administrator can post their own custom content using the Wiki Editor. This includes images, videos, links and more. This can be used to help describe to members the uses of events.

Suggest an event
This quick action button allows members to suggest and event. Clicking this brings up a simple form for all of the event information to be inputted. This includes the name, location, date and description. Any member can suggest an event but an administrator must approve it.

Upcoming Events
All the upcoming events events are listed with basic information about the event including the date, time and location of the event.

Recent Events
All the recent events are listed with basic information about the event including the date and location of the event. These can be liked by members who can click the "Like" button.

Popular Events
This area displays the most popular events based on their "Like" rating.

Search Events
Members can search for events. This is a very helpful tool especially if there are many events.

Featured Event
Events with high "Like" ratings are featured on the events landing page including a description, photos of the event and it's Tags.

Typical Use Cases For Events

Events can be created for departments to join and collaborate around issues which are relevant to their own department. For example you could hold a weekly sales department meeting which staff could join and write updates around sales.

Site Layout

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