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Quick Tour

What is ConcourseCloud?

ConcourseCloud is an extremely flexible platform that enables you to create online solutions that match your unique needs. While the possibilities are virtually limitless, generally speaking, you can think of ConcourseCloud as an online environment in which stakeholders interact through a variety of communication tools such as activity updates, blogs, wikis, discussions, and messages.

The Quick Tour

The tour will navigate you through the community stopping on each landing page and highlighting what information you will see and some typical use cases. Enjoy the tour.

The First Stop: The Home Page


What is the Home Page?

The first stop for any user is the home page. The home page is designed to be intuitive and most people will quickly identify the navigational and organizational features.

What information will I see?

Make the site yours by uploading your organization's logo. Pick from one of three layout themes and customize the header background or tab color. You can also name your site and input your site information.

Self Published Content
Content can be added using our Wiki Editor in real time. You can add images, videos, links, text, tables and more to customize your own site easily and efficiently.

Let's Get Started
These are your quick action buttons which allow you to get involved in the community. You can start a group, start a project, add an event or an idea.

Members of the community can post their own classifieds which shows the title and the author.

Popular Tags
Tags are created as people review content and the most often used tags are displayed more prominently.

Upcoming Events
All the upcoming events are listed with basic information about the event including the date, time and location of the event.

Latest Blogs
All the latest blogs are shown with a title and the author.

Recent Activity
This shows what has been happening in the community like when a member updates their profile, posts a picture, became a member of a group etc. This is a great way to stay in touch with tall the latest activity in the community.

This is a place for you to chat. You can post updates right on the home page and other members can respond.

Site Layout

Let's continue the tour and take a look at the layout of the site.

  1. Home Page
  2. My Page
  3. Groups
  4. Projects
  5. Events
  6. Ideas
  7. People