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The Wiki

What is the Wiki?

The Wiki is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. (Wikipedia).

Structure Vs. Content
The Wiki is used to structure the pages and lay them out. This includes navigation and table of contents. The content itself is added using the Content Editor which allows for text, images, links, tables, lists and videos.

Self Publishing
The advantage of using the Wiki in our communities is that it allows you to self publish content. That is, make changes on the fly without knowledge of code.

Where is the Wiki?

The Wiki module is used a lot throughout the site. In some places the Wiki structure is used and in others just the Content Editor is used. Some profile types use both.

Landing Pages
The Home Page and all of the landing pages have content areas which can be modified using the Content Editor. Content can be edited in content portlets that appear in the left, middle and right hand columns. These areas are shown by:


Profile Pages
The profile pages which use the Wiki structure module are: my page (renamed to "About Me"), groups, projects, events and ideas. Some profiles are pre loaded with suggested content to fill in and others are a blank canvas for you to fill with your content.

Each profile type has its own navigation or sub tabs. This is an example of a group's navigation highlighting the Wiki sub tab:WikiTabHighlighted.jpg

Who can edit Wiki content?

Landing Pages
Only administrators of the site can edit content on the home page and all of the landing pages. This is because this is very important site information with the message of the Organization. The administrator can appoint other users with the role of editing the content.

My Page
Everyone who is registered with the community can edit and customize their own personal page but they cannot edit other user's personal pages.

Profile Pages
UpgradeRole1.jpgThe person who creates a group, project, event or an idea can edit the Wiki.

This person is the Manager of the profile. They can decide they would like other members to be able to edit the Wiki content too.

This is done in the "Participant" or "Members" sub tab.

Click on the "Edit" button next to the person then "Change Role" and then upgrade them to "VIP."

Next Steps

Wiki Structure
Now that you know what the wiki is, where it is used and who can use it, continue on to learn all about how to build your own website. Continue to Structure a Wiki.

Content Editor
The Content Editor is a powerful and useful tool. Learn how to add your own custom web content such as images, videos, text, links, tables and lists using the Content Editor.