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This example project has been configured for group blogging, calendaring, wiki documents, discussion forums and document management. All profiles in ConcourseCloud, whether a Person, Group or Project, have photos, microblogging, activity streams and email notifications.

Once a group or project is created, the manager of that group or project is initially tasked with writing introductory content for the soon to be members of the group or project. Managers can appoint members to help with the management tasks. Once users are invited to the group or project, they become members and can participate using blogs, wikis and activity updates.

Projects have a project planning module with importing from Microsoft Project, and agile tasking to manipulate task meta-data with a powerful drag-and-drop interface.

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ConcourseCloud includes everything you need for a complete business social networking site with all the collaboration features one could ask for.

ConcourseCloud emphasizes people, directories and content.

People – Every person in ConcourseCloud has a personal profile page complete with blog, photos and wiki. People can form relationships with those they work closely with for instant updates.

Directories – Create any number of Groups and Projects, then simply invite others to participate.

Content– There's Microblogging, Blogs, Wikis, Discussions and more.

  1. Every profile has a title and a picture
  2. Profiles have modules which include Blog, Calendar, Wiki, Discussion, Documents and Team Members
  3. There are plenty of content areas for a message of the day or for emphasizing key messages
  4. Microblogging lets people post announcements, questions, comments and answers as they arise
  5. Email updates give your organization plenty of ways for users to stay connected

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